What is the Advanced 8 week NVQ and City and Guilds Bricklaying Course?

Tower Construction Services Training Packages are an exciting opportunity for anyone aged 18 and over in Liverpool wishing to enter the construction trade as a bricklayer. 30 years experience in construction and brickwork have taught us that there are some things in our modern world which can’t be replaced by technology.

These age old techniques and skills developed over years simply can’t be learnt from an app or in a classroom. And in an ever-growing market with an ongoing demand for new housing, it is these skills Tower Construction Service Training packages are designed to deliver, creating the bricklayers and masonry workers of the future.

The construction industry offers a wide, diverse range of opportunities to skilled brickworkers both at home and abroad, and the very real chance of progress and even of becoming your own boss. No pun intended (!), but this course will give you the foundations of a career in bricklaying and construction which you’ll be able to build on for the future.

What happens on the course?

You will be trained and assessed over an intensive 8 week period by time-served brickwork specialists with decades of experience and knowledge of the trade. You’ll gain a wider understanding of how the construction industry works, and you’ll finish the course with a qualification to progress further towards your NVQ Level 2.

This isn’t a classroom course. Specialist skills such as bricklaying or masonry work come from practice and constant training, and you’ll be ‘hands-on’ learning throughout the 8 intensive weeks of the course. You’ll be trained and assessed by time-served industry specialists in a workshop that reflects the trade.

Every aspect of bricklaying and masonry work is covered on the course, from the very basics to more detailed, specialist work which you’ll be likely to experience when you enter the industry.

Safety and wellbeing is always of paramount importance in our industry, and the course reflects this. Health and Safety will play a part in every job you go on to do, and on every building site you work on, so this course will teach you valuable skills in safe practice.

Like every trade, the construction industry has demands and expectations of its workers. It’s hard but very rewarding work usually carried out outside, so as well as the practical skills of brickwork and masonry, you’ll learn valuable and important employability skills such as punctuality, attendance, communication and team work. When you’ve completed the Tower Construction


Tower Construction Services will provide books, allowing you to further develop your knowledge – usually in your own time. This helps our team maximise your practical, hands on learning at our Training Facility during normal working hours.

There will be an expectation that the vocational side of our course is taken just as seriously as the practical and our team of teachers will periodically run tests and exams.


Your qualification will also provide you with a route to a CSCS card, an industry standard and a legal requirement on every UK building site. We are affiliated to several CSCS Card providers. Please ask for further details.

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